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Permalink This is my first out of town without an slr. Bid goodbye to my Nikon camera 3 days before this flight to Boracay and will go back to Canon sooooon..

iPhone | Boracay | 07-20-14 |
Permalink It’s been 2 days after I left Boracay Island and I already miss it. Honestly, I didn’t fall in love with the beach. Did not meet my expectation. I fell in love with the sun that sets us apart.
Permalink Flight Z2-301. Delayed for 4 hours. 

Air Asia | 07-20-14 | Iphone | Seat number |
Permalink ilang oras man kita nakasama ako masayang masaya na. Thank you very much..When i get back, baka mas magaling ka na sa akin lumangoy..  

Story of my life | Toto | Boracay | Xperia |
Permalink falling in line is like..
Permalink This is the reality. We always post photos in Boracay or what ever island we are yet we tend to forget that these kind of people mingling with tourists. This little boy is having fun playing. 

Passed-by photo | Iphone | 07-20-14 | Boracay |
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Permalink Everytime i go to places in Visayas, i always say i don’t want to leave ‘em. Well,  it’s normal for us who travel and relax in which eventually go back to reality.  But the thing is, we can always go back and find ourselves relaxing. Thank you toto for the boracay experience.  I will definitely go back soon! (at Boracay Island, Philippines)
Permalink One of the activities in boracay is this. Kite surfing  (at White Beach, Boracay)
Permalink Almost raining and heading for my last lunch (at Boracay Island, Philippines)
Permalink Let’s make a night, to remember, from January to December - Bryan Adams song

Last two nights | No Filter | Boracay | 07-18-14 (at Boracay Island, Philippines)